Battle Zone

Battle Zone

The Battle Zone Experience!

"Your pulse quickens as the countdown begins...5...You enter the arena, finding your way to a protective barrier...4... You have only seconds to devise a plan with your teammates ...3... You see the opposing team massing for an attack...2... The Scoreboard rings out “Lock and Load”...1...Immediately you hear the popping sounds of paintball guns and 2” foam Balls begin piercing the darkness. The fight is on! The team left standing with the most points on the scoreboard wins the bragging rights for this game of Bazooka Ball!

Our Battle Zone is the only one of its kind in all of Florida! Bazooka Ball is played in a glow-in-the–dark combat play arena. It’s available for open play times, a Birthday party or group events. Book your party today to enjoy an exhilarating adventure in the Battle Zone!

The Game!

What is Bazooka Ball, you ask? It’s an awesome combination of laser tag and paint less paintball! Real paintball markers shoot 2” foam balls up to 100 feet! You can blast your family or friends without the potential pain or welts of getting hit by a paintball. Any age can play (so long as you can lift/carry the cannons, usually around 7 years old) so it's great for kids. But it's not just for kids, all ages have a BLAST in Bazooka Ball!

The Briefing and Vesting Room!

Your experience begins with a quick safety and instructional video in the briefing room. Following the video our Ranger explains how to use the equipment, strategies to use during the game, and answers any questions.  

Next, it's time to vest up and start the action! The Ranger will help everyone put on their scoring vests and hand out paintball masks and the guns.

The Arena!

The Jumperz Battle Zone is a professionally-themed one-of-a-kind arena that plays and looks like no other attraction in Florida. Our arena was custom designed for fast and exciting team play. The artwork features glow-in-the-dark graphics and painted walls depicting a larger than life robot war in a city setting. For those who wish to watch the action, we have an observation window in the vesting area and a high tech security feed outside the arena showing all the action taking place inside!

Battle Zone Pricing!

Each Bazooka Ball Game is only $6.99 or 2 games for $10 (played by the same person on the same day.) The Value pack combines 2 Bazooka Ball games and 30 Game Zone arcade Tokens for only $15.99.

The games take approximately 20 minutes from the beginning of the training session until you leave the arena. Please check open play times when we are open to the public for laser tag games on the Hours page. The Battle Zone is open to children 7 and older.

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